By Industry

No two industries are the same. Their challenges are unique and varied. Industries like Telecom, Finance, Aviation, Pharmaceuticals, BPOs and Healthcare operate in a highly regulated environment where adherence to compliance is paramount. The need for differentiation in industries like Retail, eCommerce, Hospitality, IT Products & Services requires necessary measures to be taken to remain relevant. Talgro is a user friendly, intuitive and flexible learning platform that serves every industry's needs for learning and upskilling in a unique manner.

By Learning Group

World class experience is an expectation for learners, instructors, coaches, experts and learning administrators in the present world. Every touch point is an opportunity to impress customers, learners and employees by providing improved interaction quality. For organizations, providing a consistent and engaged experience across all channels, every single time is paramount.
Corporate training needs to look beyond the realm of its employees to include customers, suppliers, external consultants, partners, and other client centric stakeholders. To deliver a world class experience, there is need for a systematic and cutting-edge learning platform that ensures the learning components are relevant, easily accessible, mobile, personalized, user friendly, 'Live' and more. Talgro combines the perfect balance of technology and intelligence to meet the demands of the stakeholders, with an emphasis on interactive and 'Live' insights.