Democratized Learning
Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device


Talgro is a new-age platform with features to inspire the next generation of learners, with a focus on experience. Learning administrators will be able to easily plan and implement courses across the cross section of an organization with improved productivity, effectiveness and efficiency. Learners access and complete courses Anytime, Anywhere and in Any device at their own pace. With intelligent trackers working in the background, one can track learner engagement, efficiency and effectiveness of courses, instructors, coaches and Experts at all times.

Automatic Learning Path Creation

An intelligent algorithm that recommends personalized Learning Paths (LP) to learners based on their role and/or assessments. Learning administrator or the manager can choose to accept the recommendation fully or partially, thereby allowing quicker, efficient and effective process for enhanced productivity. Alternately, a manual Learning Path can be designed to map a learner’s unique needs.

Live Analytics

A whole lot of possibilities open up in the user’s window displaying effectiveness and efficiency metrics, with an analysis of data residing in Talgro covering every aspect of content, users, assessments and engagement scores. The learning administrator can view the highlights and misses at one glance on a real time basis. Live analytics allow instant correction, if ratings are flagged off as ‘below par’

Unity of learning universe
Talgro is a unique platform that connects all stakeholders in one place, under a single umbrella – Learner, Instructor, Coach, Manager, Expert.

Team performance view by manager
Manager can view their team performances, progress, engagement, enrolments and learning plans in a single window. As necessary, manager can liaise with the learning administrator to plan courses and content relevant to the learner’s area of work.

Democratized learning
Experts are designated to handle questions and queries of learners as quickly as possible to avoid understand gaps. Over time the expert’s contribution to the learning can earn them an Instructor role for courses.

Online Action Planning

Globally, researches have proven that managers do not observe their team member demonstrating desired change post a learning intervention. The learner is also motivated less, as the manager isn’t involved in the development process. Therefore organizations aren’t able to reap the benefits of resources spent.

The Action Planning (AP) module encourages learners to practice what they learnt and engages the manager in their development. The APs are planned and finalized in a 3-way process between the learner manager & coach, with clear outcomes and timelines. Talgro tracks, monitors, measures and displays the progress of the AP - ‘Live’. Organizations now can be assured of continuous follow up to maximize learning.

Automatic Instructor recommendation
Talgro researches and recommends Instructors to courses based on their ratings, learner engagement and performance metrics of learners. This allows Learning administrators to choose the most appropriate person to lead a session, with a single click of a button.


Learning effectiveness metrics can be determined by monitoring ‘needle movement’ in the learner’s mastery of the content by conducting and monitoring pre and post assessments that test their performance, understanding and qualifiers for a learning intervention. Talgro allows conducting in-course as well as general assessments to test functional, technical, behavioral and other skills. Competency based as well as Psychometric assessments can easily be integrated within Talgro.

Curation of Content

Content can be planned and curated from any source in any format to be housed in the library. Technology enables recommendation of content that match learner profile and preference for continuous learning. The content library is designed to enable content in the form of a document, video, audio, webinar recording, article, blogs and many others.

Continuous Learning

Talgro allows learning administrators to schedule continuous learning in the form of nano content, video, audio, articles, blogs, whitepaper etc. on a pre-determined frequency. Learners are able to reinforce their understanding of the concepts improving their knowledge.

Tracking Learner Engagement – Real time

Talgro allows learners to be actively involved in the learning process, while earning ‘Engagement points’ by on-time completion of courses / assessments, participation in discussion forums, Q&A, adherence to Action Planning timelines, Feedback on content / instructor / coach / expert among other activities. The engagement measure is an excellent indicator to management on the learning agility and interest of their employees.

User Management

Talgro enables identification of user as instructor, coach, manager and expert, apart from learner. The role of instructor, manager, coach is interchangeable as per context. The experts are enrolled based on their proven subject matter expertise on any topic. All users can be rated based on their effectiveness and efficiency.