Upskill Yourself

UpskillingĀ helps you stay employable! Roles are changing and you need to keep your skills up to date. It is also important to enhance your qualifications. This will help in your career progression and will give you added competitive advantage. Use Talgro to Upskill yourself and reach your highest potential.


Certifications from Top Universities & Institutes

  • Enhance your profile with academic certificates and credentials from premier institutes
  • Access to the best professors around the world
  • Flexibility of taking any course of your choice without taking a break from your job
Courses benchmarked to industry needs

Courses benchmarked to Industry needs

  • Courses designed in partnership with Industry and Educational institutes
  • Emphasis on industry relevant courses
  • Ensuring every dollar spent by you is invested in keeping you relevant
  • Making you a sought-after resource whether you decide to stay at your current organization or decide to explore other opportunities
Industry Expert

Inputs from
Industry Experts

  • Inputs from Industry experts are added to learning from academicians
  • Courses are designed in consultation with Industry experts who are also subject matter experts
  • Learners can attend live online and recorded sessions from Industry experts
Continuous learning

Continuous learning through Nano content

  • Help you continuously brush your knowledge to stay current
  • Continue learning informally even after your structured courses are completed
  • Keep abreast of changing trends in your chosen learning area
Learning together

Collaborative learning

  • Global research suggests that people learn more effectively when they learn in teams as per research; our courses are predicated on this research
  • Collaborative learning principles are ingrained in all our Courses
  • Engage in joint projects with your cohort members
Live Sessions

Live sessions and recorded lectures from Top faculties

  • Learn from the best professors anywhere in the world
  • Live online sessions usually conducted over weekends; recordings available in case you miss the live session
  • Pre-recorded lectures enable you to come prepared for live online sessions
  • Flexibility of learning at your own pace