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If you are an authority on your subject and have a passion for teaching, we would love to engage with you to onboard you as a Talgro Instructor. This can significantly benefit both you and our Learners.

Talgro Instructor Program

At Talgro, we believe that learning should be democratized. That people should not be bereft of skills and knowledge because of location or financial constraints, among other things. Virtual learning has made this possible and is reshaping the future of Learning and the Future of Work. At Talgro, we combine world-class content with best-in-class faculty. Our instructors come from different domains and varying geographies. What all of them have in common is their love for teaching and deep expertise in their chosen subject area.

Why be an Instructor?

  • Get paid to teach
  • Teach a teeming number of learners across the globe
  • Impact thousands of careers and lives
  • Develop your personal brand as an Instructor
  • Enhance your thought leadership
  • Flexible teaching hours

Benefits as a Talgro Instructor

Being an Instructor at Talgro helps you add value to yourself as well as to our Learners. Here’s how:


Opportunity to network and team up with a global network of seasoned faculty from different domains


Develop your own skills as an Instructor through feedback from Learners and others in the Talgro community


Your sessions are scheduled in a way that it does not interfere with your other commitments


Your domain expertise, experience and interest areas will be matched to Learners and Courses

Join the list of Talgro Instructors

We are continuously onboarding Instructors to get the best for our Learners. If you are an authority on your subject and have a passion for teaching, we would be delighted to review your application.

This is how simple it is:

1 Send us your application

Share your strengths, unique abilities, and experience in your application

2 Talk to us

Our team will review your application and set up a video conversation with you to evaluate a suitable fit

3 Hear from us

We typically get back within a week with our feedback/ confirmation on whether there is a right fit for the Instructors

Who can become a Talgro Instructor?

We have huge diversity in terms of the profile of Instructors. Here are some of the categories our Instructors belong to:

Industry leaders

  • Senior industry professionals
  • Proven leadership experience in their domain
  • Deep understanding of how their subject gets applied in the real world

Self - actualized Learners

  • Experts keen to give back to people what they have learnt over the years
  • Having the ability to take feedback
  • The belief that they can still learn while teaching others

Veteran Educators

  • Senior academicians and educationists
  • Having a keen grasp of their subject
  • Ability to engage Learners

Why should you join Talgro as an Instructor?

Talgro empowers people to succeed in their careers by providing them outcomes-based learning courses. Our Learners want to upskill themselves to be better at their existing jobs or gain new skills or knowledge that can get them ahead in their career by creating new opportunities. We achieve this through courses that are created by subject matter experts or co-created along with premier institutes and industry partners. Underpinning our courses is our technology platform that enables Learner-centricity, collaborative learning, social learning, learner engagement and personalized learning paths.

Our courses are valuable to people because they offer specific skills and knowledge that is required by the industry. More importantly, our Learners benefit from the diverse background and immense experience of our Instructors who breathe life into the Course. Inputs from the Instructors make the learning experience more engaging for the Learners. Also, the Instructors gain from the process as they add to their pre-existing skills and knowledge.

Based at Mumbai, Talgro is a blossoming ecosystem of ambitious Learners, top-of-the-line Instructors, motivated Employees, and experienced Mentors. The Talgro team has enabled hundreds of Learners maximize their potential and build the foundation of successful careers.

Do you have any questions on the Talgro Instructor program?

Write to us at CONTACT_EMAIL and someone from our team will reach out to you.