Going Digital

Trends that are fuelling digital learning

Live Video Learning
Anytime, Anywhere, any device
Data driven approach to learning
Adoption of Micro learning
Gamification and Learner Engagement
Personalized Learning
Live Analytics

Upskilling employees across Industries will be instrumental for Digital Transformation

Digital Technologies will displace or transform up to
45 million jobs by 2025. Retraining and upskilling will be required for these workers.

Productivity gains from Digital Technologies will create up to
65 million new jobs by 2025

Why Talgro?

While you focus on what you do best (your business), we are here to help you with what we do best. Talgro adopts a comprehensive approach to your employees’ learning needs.

Here’s how we do this:

Courses crafted by

Incorporating future needs of your industry; enabling your people to stay relevant

Certifications from top
Universities & Institutes

As a tool for continuous learning, transition management and employee recognition


Tracks several metrics of your Learners (including performance) and provides you real-time recommendations and updates


Talgro’s technology helps you track, analyse and drive engagement levels of all Learners in real-time

Pre and Post

The delta between the pre and post assessments provides you the difference in behavior and outcomes as a result of the learning program

Business Impact and

Talgro’s Action Planning Technology helps in implementation of learning, high business impact and measurement of ROI

Peer reviews and
Collaborative learning

Enable greater stickiness of learning as well as higher accountability and learner engagement

Personalized Learning

Adaptive learning paths for each learner based on their specific development need, role or level within the organization

Capstone Projects and
Project assignments

Project assignments build rigor during the course; Capstone projects help translate learning into application

Inputs from Industry

Industry specific inputs during course design; industry relevant lectures ingrained in course sessions


Enables your employees to keep learning informally even after structured course is over; helps stay abreast of changing trends

AI and ML driven

Resulting in deeper learner centricity and accelerating content creation & curation; enabling learning in the flow of work

How does Talgro work?

Most organizations work with multiple talent partners. Learning strategies include completely offline,completely online or blended learning. Research suggests that none of these approaches are effectivein the absence of a concerted holistic talent strategy. At Talgro, we ensure our Consulting team partners with Clients to create scalable talent transformation strategies that can harness the potential and skills of their employees to help them reach leadership positions while achieving strategic organizational business objectives.

Talgro employs the 3DX model as illustrated:

1 Diagnose

  • Understand the desired Outcomes
  • Identify gaps in Competencies / Skills through diagnostic tools

2 Design

  • Design a holistic talent transformation strategy (TTS)
  • Test the TTS prototype with relevant stakeholders
  • Develop the relevant Course

3 Deliver

  • Live Online webinars
  • Recorded video lectures from top Professors and industry experts
  • Offline / campus immersion sessions
  • Gamification; Micro learning etc

4 eXamine

  • Evaluating Training efficacy using Kirkpatrick and Jack Philips’s model: Reaction, Learning, Behavior, Results and ROI
  • Making changes and adapting the talent transformation strategy (TTS) if required

Course Categories

Digital Marketing Course


Data Science Course

Data Science

Human Resource Course


Leadership Course


Finance Course


Custom Built Course

Custom-Built (Contact Us)

Client Engagement Models

While Talgro works with Client partners in different capacities, the goal remains consistent irrespective of the type of engagement – and that is to provide value to the Client. Consequently, we partner with clients to assist in developing their talent transformation strategies. This results in time and cost efficiencies as well as significant enhancement of business outcomes


Online assessment & development centers with certified senior accessors

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Facilitate onboarding of hires (lateral, experienced, new)

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Online assessments for
new Hires

15X faster hiring. Choose from a bevy of competency-based and cognitive tests

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Upskilling of existing employees

Enroll existing teams in courses that keep them relevant, engaged and productive

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Training for
new Hires

Online and / or blended learning for new hires before their joining

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Continuous learning of existing employees

Enable continuous learning for employees through micro learning

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Industry Partners

Our Industry Partners include best-in-class Corporate houses, Consulting firms, Technology companies, Banking & Financial Services companies and innovative Start-ups. Benefit from the industry connect of Talgro

More than 2,000 people trained across different industries and verticals in different markets.

Employees Trained
Training engagements